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Greetings, this is who we are, and a promotional page for available advertising.
Huge National and Regional exposure for your company.

1968 Ford Mustang T. A.
Historic/Vintage Race Car

S.C.C.A. Trans-Am Body # 0002

This car holds an H.S.R. Log Book
( Historic Sportscar Racing )
And an S.C.C.A. Log Book
( Sports Car Club of America )

1967 Shelby GT350 B-Production
Historic/Vintage Race Car

Original S.C.C.A. B-Production

This car holds an S.C.C.A. Log Book
( Sports Car Club of America )

Currently Campaigning in SCCA, HSR, SVRA & VCDA Vintage
Races in the Southeast


SpeedSmith Motorsports

We can showcase your company!

Sports Car Racing, especially Vintage Sports Car Racing seem to not only draw interest from every day fans, but also we have seen interest from Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Bankers and even Pilots. So, we seem to draw a more discriminating race fan that enjoys golf, motor homes, and all kinds of fishing. 67% of Sports Car Club of America members hold a bachelors degree or higher.

SpeedSmith has been running these highly visible and easily recognizable "Poster Children" for the Mustang restorer, road racing enthusiast, and American Muscle fans at the major tracks in the Southeast including Daytona International Speedway and Sebring International Speedways. The car draws attention from men and women in every age group. From teenagers working on a car with Dad, to retired automotive hobbyists. It seems like everyone has had one, always wanted one, or is a proud owner of one "much like it".

We love to talk to people about their projects and we feel we can be very helpful in promoting YOUR company. Any company can benefit from our promotional activities. We are available for personal appearances and charity events. We can offer employee incentive programs such as honorary crew member, team guest, or behind the scenes access. Many of the events we attend  are major national events with national television coverage, thousands of spectators, as well as hundreds of crew members, families, and even exposure on the interstates via our two enclosed race trailers. Large easily recognizable graphics can be applied to the cars and trailers. This alone makes for good photo opportunities for magazine, television, parents and children. We are very approachable.

We set up a checkered flag table at our events for promotional purposes. the table consists of a video monitor running a six hour loop of in-car and tower footage to help draw attention to any promotional material such as catalogs, fliers, hats, or tee shirts. We also offer autographed pictures at no charge for our fans that include your company name and logo.

SpeedSmith Motorsports

About the cars...

SCCA Trans-Am Series Professionally Prepared
1968 Mustang Coupe

This is a very serious historic race car, it uses all the best period correct parts available so it shows very well. From its acid dipped body, Nascar style brakes, H-M cold air induction, to the Watts Link suspension, this car screams "Cool". The car has many wins and podium finishes. It currently holds the speed record at daytona set over thirty years ago by Mark Donahue.

SCCA Road Racing B-Production
1967 Shelby GT350

Here is one of the coolest cars on the planet. Built specifically for road racing, it has to be considered ART. This car is equipped for all out racing. It has monster sway bars, huge brakes, and only the best drivetrain parts available. It currently holds several track records.

Fully detailed build sheets on these cars are available upon request.

SpeedSmith Motorsports has been SCCA road racing since 2000, NHRA members for 13 years, and we come from a long line of racers, back to a 1919 Indy car entered by Ralph & Guy Smith.

SpeedSmith is a family oriented race team. We pride ourselves on being clean, organized, courteous, and professional. Safety is a priority for us and those around us. We feel a little common sense goes a long way! We have built up a family business on these same principles.

SpeedSmith is well equipped and goes to all events with a positive attitude,  prepared to win.

SpeedSmith Motorsports

It is our intention to make a minimum of six combined regional and national events yearly in the Southeastern United States in the SCCA Vintage Class. We also plan to attend at least two display events such as Turkey Rod Run and area Mustang shows. There is a good possibility for some "TV" time at some of the larger events from Speed Network or ESPN 2.

Other cars in the SpeedSmith stables:

We currently run several Mazda Miatas in the SCCA Spec Miata Division, as well as a 1991 Mustang GT, set up for SCCA B-Prepared class. These are also available for driving schools with crew and instruction as well as advertising opportunities.


All cars are available for promotional advertising
as are the enclosed race trailers & support equipment.

Individual event advertising & sponsorship also available.

Documentation for all claims made by SPEEDSMITH are available upon request.

Just call us at 731-852-2253 or e-mail us at
and we'll come to you with a specific proposal.


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